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ADI in GMC Innovation China

Topwell Industrial amp; Trading Co., Ltd. won “ADI Recommended Product” honorary title

In the last few days, “GMC Innovation China” event, which is jointly launched by GMC Manufacture Union and Global Market Group, the global contest about Chinese Innovation products has ended, " Multi Tool " from Topwell Industrial amp; Trading Co., Ltd.is finally recognized by Associazione per il Disegno Industriale after the product display for four months as one of "the ADI recommended products."

   “Multi tool”won “the ADI Recommended Product” honorary title
Since August 15, 2013 GMC • Innovation China opened, a global poll of most innovative products from China. As the authority on assessment, ADI has been concerned to each product participating in the contest.

   In this event, more than 2,000 companies nationwide with more than 4000 products participated in competition. In order to ensure a fair and equitable competition, 36 renowned designers at home and abroad were invited and 1.08 million GMC buyers members came to vote. Not only that, GMC made strategic partnership with Wall Street Journal- the world-renowned financial daily newspaper, Sohu Network - Chinese Internet leaderand and China Business - Chinese financial in largest newspaper circulation, and all of them paid full attention to and reported the events.

   High attention to “the Multi tool” from Topwell Industrial amp; Trading Co., Ltd.is paid by ADI experts, who reach consensus whether it is worthy to recommend to consumers, creative or of high quality.

   Topwell Industrial amp; Trading Co., Ltd.jointly with GMC composes new innovative chapter
In this 4000 products in varieties on the same stage of the competition, "the Multi tool " won the honorary title of "ADI recommended product" by its superiority in quality and innovative concept. 

   "China does not lack of innovative product. China's manufacturing industry contains tremendous energy, which is powerful enough to transform from Made in China to "Made with Wisdom, and to become Chinese creation." The sponsor Global Market Group Once mentioned on the launch ceremony of GMC • Innovation China in September. The innovative product of the year appraised and elected for the last four months is in miniature both " Made with Wisdom" and "Made by China" in the future. They will serve as the new generation of Made in China, to re-paint high-quality image in the international market.

   In the later development, Topwell Industrial amp; Trading Co., Ltd.will continue to innovate in a breakthrough to bring more and better industrial products to the world, in the meantime Made in China will not only be knew but also be recognized by the world!